X4connect – An ENTSOG Compliant AS2 – AS4 Messaging Hub Collaboration

The draft Network Code on Interoperability and Data Exchange Rules for European Gas Transmission Networks delivered to the European Commission (EC) on 11 September 2013 specifies that “AS4 shall be used as common data exchange protocol for document based data exchanges”. A usage profile has been posted which defines an ENTSOG AS4 Profile that aims to support cross-enterprise collaboration in the gas sector using secure and reliable exchange of business documents based on the AS4 standard.

With the above requirement ECS and Flame developed and deployed the X4Connect ENTSOG AS4 Profile Compliant Hub as a service for Gas Industry partners across Europe to reliably exchange AS4 ENTSOG Compliant business messages. The technologies used include the AS4 ENTSOG Conformance Compliant Flame Messaging Server and has been in daily use since 2018.

Further details are available at X4Connect Hub and AS4 for the GAS Industry

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