Flame attends e-SENS meeting in Brussels

On 6 June 2015 Flame, in collaboration with it’s European representative ECS International, was invited to participate and demonstrate it’s AS4 offering at the e-SENS (European-Simple European Networked Services) AS4 implementers F2F meeting in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by the EU Committee responsible for the e-SENS initiative and was attended by various interested parties including government representatives, AS4 open source solution providers and parties from commercial AS4 solution providers including ourselves. The agenda of the meeting included the following topics

  • Round Table Introductions
  • Presentation/Demo of the different Implementations
  • CEF Activities
  • AS4 Specification state of play and review
  • e-Sens conformance / interoperability testing activities
  • Minder presentation and Demo
  • Test tool integration discussion
  • Planning and organisation of the testing
  • Results of the eProcurement pilot testing
  • Software vendor participation
  • We were fortunate enough to provide both a presentation and a live demonstration of an AS4 business transaction conforming to the requirements for e-SENS as detailed on the
    eSens Wiki.

    The presentation was well received and may be viewed at FMS AS4 e-Sens Presentation

    Flame and ECS International look forward to further participation and contributing to the e-SENS initiative.

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