Flame AS4 Server and Light Client Drummond Certified™ in the second AS4 test and certification event

The Flame FMS AS4 Server, AS4 Light Client and AS4 Light Client Java API have passed the 2014 Drummond Group AS4 Interoperability Certification exercise. The Drummond press release is available at Drummond 2014 AS4 Certification Press Release.

The 2014 Drummond AS4 certification process included several optional tests over and above the 2013 certification process. These tests included many advanced requirements of AS4 including additional XMLDSig authentication, encryption, large messages and multiple payload tests. We are proud that the Flame FMS range of products also passed these optional tests and that clients gain the extra level of comfort for AS4 compliance.

The 2014 updated report is available at Drummond AS4 Certified Product List

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